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Since 2010, Rich In Beauty has produced remarkable commercials, documentaries, short films and animation ranging from wide artistic horizons. We provide world wide services and has covered in various locations such as USA, Australia, Taiwan, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Samoa and seeks more blessed nations under God.


Youth With A Mission Documentary (Samoa)
Director:Huang Po Chun
Executive Producer:Usufono Fepuleai
Producer:Kolin Schinnell
Subtitle:Chen Min,Fu Bainan

Rich In Beauty Films

Youth With A Mission is an international Christian organization. Founded in 1960, currently the world’s largest international Christian organizations. It serves more than 800 bases in 135 countries.

Over 10,000 people from all over the world join the YWAM every year.
They believe that the gospel of Jesus is not just words only, but also to be expressed in practical action, to share the faith, but also through different types of practical action and help live out the gospel.

This is a documentary about the YWAM-Samoa, introduces the local environment, ideas and believes.


Max Therapy Institute Documentary (Melbourne, Australia)
Production: Rich In Beauty Films
Location:Melbourne Australia
Producer:Max Therapy Institute

Rich In Beauty Films

Max Therapy Institute (MTI), a leading institute offers combined course of academic teaching and real clinical practice which are highly recommended by Australian Education Authorities.
MTI provide all of this: small class teaching, enjoyable study environment, advanced equipment, updated technology, qualified and experienced trainers, the only massage therapy institute in Melbourne with intensive industrial operation of franchised massage therapy clinics.


Chinese Management Association Documentary (Taiwan)
Production: Rich In Beauty Films
Director:Huang Po Chun
Location:Taiwan Taipei
Producer:Chinese Management Association

Rich In Beauty Films

Finance and accounting are keys to let completion continuously. In order to maintain competitive advantages and increase high financial competitiveness, Taiwanese SME not only pursues improving technique but also have to increase the quality of finance and accounting. SMEA, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan assist SME to establish the concept of finance and accounting, also provide free counseling, which allows financial advisor to assist enterprise face to face.

It is more specific to present the achievement of this project by video. The example firm shows the effect of counseling, and excellent job on development. Using different field of enterprises growing history and financial counseling can make enterprise approving the need of financial counseling.


M&Y Grand Opening Highlight
M&Y Wedding&Event services ( Melbourne )

Pioneer Horizon Camp Highlight
Grand Canyon Arizona ( USA )

Samoa | Youth With A Mission interview
YWAM ( Samoa )

Bangkok | Travel around the world in Thailand
Rich In Beauty Films ( Thailand )

CTU Product Introduction
CTU Dental Lab, Shenzhen ( China )

Australia | UQ Union International Party
Rich in Beauty Films ( Queensland )

HRC Dance Academy Dancing Promotion
HRC Dance Academy ( Taiwan )

HRC Dance Academy Dancing Promotion
HRC Dance Academy ( Taiwan )

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